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Stump Grinding & Removal

Stump removal is accomplished via a high power stump grinder, which penetrates deep, chipping and pulverizing the stump and root system, resulting in a safe and helpful mulch layer approximately 8 in. below the landscape surface.

Stump removal costs can be estimated by measuring the stump width (from the base of any visible root system, as per the image below), then multiplying the inches by $5. This will give you a ballpark figure.While some people choose to leave stumps in place, we recommend their removal for several reasons. First, because they serve no useful purpose, stumps are generally perceived to be an unsightly nuisance to a property and detract from its appearance and value.

Second, stumps can serve as a breeding ground for insects and beetles known to infest and damage lawn grass plants, trees, and other agriculture.

Third, leaving the stump in place continues to help feed a root system that can get underneath and damage sidewalks, driveways, and foundations, as well as fingerlings/fine-roots which can damage underground pipes. Some homes have clay-based sewer drainage lines that are especially susceptible to damage, as the fine root hairs seek out their moisture (as shown below).

In some cases, a chemical treatment is used post-removal to deaden any life remaining in the root system and deter further growth or expansion.